Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Yarn Baubles

Like every good crafter, each year I vow to make my own Christmas decorations and each year I fail. Miserably. 

Not this year though! Even though I one day want to make cute fairisle baubles, these were quick and easy; and with no bias at all, pretty cute!

I made these at a recent WI meet up (Women's Institute for those not from the UK). Once a month we have a crafty night, separate from the main monthly meeting and try and cover different topics. Last month was Papercraft, the month before Pumpkin Carving and before that I led a Crochet Granny Square evening. This month was all about baubles. There were different methods such as layering felt to make a acorn looking one, a patchwork one or yarn. Obviously I was going to do the yarn one (mainly because I didn't have any material or felt for the first two types!). 

It was easy. Pin the yarn into a polystyrene ball (easily available from eBay or a craft shop like HobbyCraft). Wrap the yarn around the ball until
You can't see the polystyrene anymore and then pin the yarn again! Super easy! If you need a quick fix for some missing yarn on the tree then this is so handy. I doubled up the yarn to make multicoloured ones. Some in cream/red, some in cream/gold. 

Next year I'm definitely going to have some fairisle ones! (Don't hold your breath though!)