Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Sorry for not having posted anything in a while...I've been super busies the last few weeks as I'm going to be in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony!

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I have been beavering away with some yarn in this time though.  Literally just finished knitting a cardigan for my friend's gorgeous little girl tonight.  Going to wait until the morning though to take some pics, will look much better under natural daylight, especially as we're having such glorious sunshine in London at the moment.

I've also been making yet ANOTHER Domo.  This time it's for my boy's work colleague's daughter.  I've been taking my Domo WIP to the Olympic Park with me as they give us like 5 hours to get ready :/  Randomly, I was sitting outside our holding area with yarn and hook in hand and a guy comes up to me...

Man: "Wow, you're crocheting!"
Me: "You know what crocheting is?! People always think I'm knitting."
Man: "My sister and ex used to crochet.  So what are you making?  Looks like Domokun."
Me: *mouth drops* (especially as I'm only half way through Domo's head and body)  "I AM making a Domo!! How do you know who Domo is?! Whenever I tell people they have no idea what I'm talking about!"

So basically after me being shocked that he knew what crocheting and Domo were, he said he'd love a Domo!  So we swapped email addys, guess that's another project on the list!

Anyways, I'll be posting all about the cardigan this week if I can...I've got my final dress rehearsal tomorrow and then the actual Opening Ceremony on Friday! I know it's not yarn stuff but I feel like I should post about that too :)  I'd love to say that it's back to normal after that, but alas, I go to see my boy in LA next week, and on my return I begin rehearsals for the Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies!

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